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Blue-collar workers perform labor jobs and typically work with their hands. The skills necessary for blue-collar work vary by occupation. Some blue-collar occupations require highly skilled personnel who are formally trained and certified. These workers include aircraft mechanics, plumbers, electricians and structural workers. Many blue-collar employers hire unskilled and low-skilled workers to perform simple tasks such as cleaning, maintenance and assembly line work.

The need for highly skilled candidates to fill positions in the blue collar industries remains at an all time high, and the outlook remains bright for years to come. We have answered that need by partnering with Sarthee Consultancy to bring our special brand of attention to the marketplace and combine it with their ability to get the word out through their market share presence in technical verticals. Through this partnership Hiring Heads now offers you benefits you simply won't find anywhere else.

For all blue collar hirings i.e turner, fitter, welder, machinist Electrician, Instrumentation ,AOCP , RFM, Lab technician, RM/DM operator, wiremen, welder, turner, CNC operator , Boiler attend, Fire & safety, Machinist, Lathe operator, Bsc / MSc , Crane operator, AC Technician, Turbine Operator, Moulding operator, Draftsmen, Operators , Technicians etc.

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